‘Beyblade’ graphic novel, TV show worth a look

manga masterBy: Noah Forker

The first volume of “Beyblade” is the story of a boy named Tyson. Tyson wants to be the world’s greateast beyblader, which is not going to be easy with his new enemy on his tail! The art work compliments the the story nicely and the story is at a good pace for anyone to follow, and it’s only five chapters, and a little over 100 pages. Though it’s short, the book doesn’t slack. It jams every bit of story into it. Tyson, along with Chife, must now battle the battle sharks and tame the legendary beyblade dragoon. Join Tyson’s adventure and watch him as he trains to be the best blaybader ever.

The TV show “Beyblade, Let it rip!” is an exciting cartoon version for those who can not sit around and read the manga. The TV show, unlike its manga counterpart, is a high-pitch, cheerful show that ran for three years, consisting of 156 episodes.  The show moves at a different pace and order than the manga, but still covers everything the manga covers. Compared to the manga, however, the show does not use some the language and other things the manga can, will and has used. For anyone who wants the upbeat, slow pace of a children’s cartoon, watch “Beyblade, Let it rip!” Seasons are not connected, so no worries about jumping into the newer stuff.

Comparing the two, I have to go with the manga. Though the first volume is only five chapters, as I said, they don’t mess around. My favorite charter, Kia, is not as awesome in the show as he is in the manga. In the manga, Kia has a clear goal. While, in the show, you can not fully tell Kia’s goal until very late. I prefer the manga, but they are both awesome.

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