Disclosure’s latest offering delivers familiar grooves

By: Isabella Wilson

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, better known as the electronic duo “Disclosure,” have released their newest album “Caracal.” This being only their sophomore album, Disclosure has still earned a substantial amount of attention. They first got discovered when they posted some of their early material on their MySpace. After getting so much positive feedback, they eventually got signed to the label, “Moshi Moshi.” Disclosure has created pretty consistent material fitting in the realm of house music or synthpop mixed with a jazz-like feel from the vocals of the many artists that Disclosure has paired with. This album, “Caracal,” features artists such as Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Gregory Porter, Miguel and more. Strong vocals like Sam Smith’s, “Omen” would have to be among of the best songs on the album along with “Holding On,” featuring Gregory Porter.  The vocals mixed with the wonderfully-crafted electronic symphonies are just a great outcome.

Disclosure continues to impress music carnivores such as myself, but some of their first album “Settle” really set the bar high, but by no means am I saying this is a poor album. They have been known to do the same thing they always do, but they do it well. They stand out in the music scene for their ability to produce a good song without the anticipation of a bass drop. Hearing the mix of jazzy vocals along with Disclosure’s perfectly crafted and danceable beats makes for a great listen.

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