CF welcomes new teachers, exchange students

Freja Arildsenarildsen mug

Freja Arildsen is a junior this year from Denmark. 

“I wanted to experience the world by myself,” Arildsen said. 

Her favorite part about coming here has been the people because they have been so nice and like to learn about her country. At home, Arildsen has two older sisters and one older brother. Her sister, Rikka, was here on the exchange program two years ago. 

Esther Hartantohartanto mug

 Esther  Hartanto is a senior this year. She is from Indonesia. 

The best part about coming here so far has been the people. The hardest thing for her is she misses her friends and family back home in Indonesia. 

At home she has one younger brother. Hartanto is looking forward to traveling to San Francisco this semester. She will return home in June of 2016.

Mark Aalderksaalderks mug

Courses Taught: Information technology, Marketing Essentials, Organizes Cooperative Work Program

Previous Teaching: 13 years at Southeast Polk in Des Moines

Favorite Part of CFHS: The large size of CFHS, being part of the business department and specializing in different areas of business 

Looking Forward to: Teaching new material, getting acquainted with his classes and a schedule balanced between work and family

Elaina Loydloyd mug

Courses Taught: French I at Holmes and French II

Previous Experience: Graduated from Central College in Pella

Favorite Part of CFHS: The opportunities for involvement at Cedar Falls that small schools don’t offer

Looking Forward to: Creating interesting lessons and getting to know students

Haamid Ashrafmug4

Haamid Ashraf is a junior this year. He is from Tanzania. 

Ashraf is on the cross country team this year. He doesn’t like that he can’t here because back home he races motocross. Ashraf loves the people here and how kind they are. 

Back home, he has one younger sister and one younger brother. He plans to come back to the states for college.

Luiza deJesusdeJesus mug

Luiza deJesus is a senior this year from Brazil. 

Her favorite parts of the exchange program are all the new people and new experiences. Homework has been the hardest change for her. 

Back home, deJesus has an older brother. She will return back home in June of 2016.


Jason Langlang mug

Courses Taught: Biology and environmental science

Previous Teaching: Audobon UNI, and Independence.

Favorite Part of CFHS: The students, the number of students and all the things they can be involved in. It’s exciting. Size of staff and the ideas we can share

Looking Forward to: Working with the science department, being involved with extracurriculars including 9th grade volleyball and robotics.


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