Seven new students join at semester

By: Mikaela Mallin

Sophomore Grace Kivett (Atlanta, Georgia)

Reactions to Iowa: “There’s a lot of snow. In Georgia we barely had any. When I saw y’all have  Starbucks, I was like, ‘Yes!’” even though “y’all don’t have a Chick-Fil-A.”

Reactions to CFHS: “This school’s a lot smaller. My old school had 11 buildings.”  Also, “Lunch is different. At my old school we had a grill line, pizza line, salad line, sub line and main line. And our snack store was bigger. I do like the time y’all start on Mondays though.”

Hobbies: “I play soccer. When I’m not doing that I like to run, just not fall on the ice. I’ve slipped twice now. I’m also involved with my church. My dad’s a pastor. That’s why we moved here.”











Sophomore Deandre Terry (Illinois)

Reactions to Iowa: “It’s colder here.”

Reactions to CFHS: “It’s smaller. My old school had five floors and four gyms, but the kids are nicer here.”

Hobbies: “I like swimming. My old school didn’t have a swim team because they shut down the pool, but I’ll go out for swimming here next year.”










Junior Sandy Nguyen (Vietnam)

Reactions to Iowa: “We don’t have snow in Vietnam, only in the northern highlands. It’s very cold here. In Vietnam, it’s 70 degrees all year.”

Reactions to CFHS: “Here, it’s kind of confusing because I don’t know where all the classes are. In Vietnam we have permanent classes. From your first year to your senior year, you stay in the same room with the same students, the same friends, and the teachers move around, not the students.”

Hobbies: “I like to play guitar, watch soccer and cook.”












Junior A.J. Godbey (Waterloo West)

Reactions to CFHS: “I like it way better here. It’s a lot more laid back; I feel more like a high school student. I’ve been lost countless times, but, otherwise, it’s really nice. I like it here.”

Hobbies: “I like the arts and music thing. I’m a real big rock and roll guy; I’ve been drumming for a long time, been playing the guitar for about two years and recently started singing. I’m trying to start a band with a guy I know from West. I used to play hockey, but I’m not connected with that anymore.”












Junior Daniel Kupka (North Tama)

Reactions to CFHS: “This school’s a lot bigger. The schedule is almost the same, except lunch. We didn’t have three lunches.”

Hobbies: “I’m a big gamer, especially Call of Duty.”












Junior David Scroeder (Davenport)

Reactions to CFHS: “[My old school] had a block schedule: 90-minute classes, four classes a day. It sucked. It’s hard to sit there for 90 minutes; 49 minutes is better.”

Hobbies: “I’ve played guitar for 12 years, and I write my own songs. I record with my dad and grandpa to produce CDs. I’m out for basketball here. I can’t play varsity yet, but the JV team has been cool to me.”












LaKyra Sanford (Waterloo Expo)

Reactions to CFHS: “You don’t have short days on Wednesdays. Last week on Wednesday I tried to walk out of the building at 1:15. They were like ‘Where are you going?’ I said I was trying to go home. I forgot you get out at 2:50. We had six class periods and a 30-minute study hall called Oasis in the middle of the day where everyone had the same assigned teacher [every year]. Even if I went back there, I’d still have the same assigned teacher.”

Hobbies: “I like to watch movies and talk to friends from my old school. I work a lot, so I chill on my days off.”


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