New staff transitioning into Tiger teachers

Transitioning into the 2022-2023 school year, new faces are roaming the hallways, and not just students, but new teachers and paras as well. 

Last year, social studies teacher Nathan Lockard was new to the high school. “You obviously get a lot of practice doing these things during student teaching, but actually being in the role and working completely solo is different,” he said. “It’s important to plan and think ahead but try to be more in the day to day and what you need to do for that day rather than anticipating and thinking ahead too much. You can tend to feel bogged down with a lot of things coming up, but just trying to live in the now.” 

Here are some of the new staff:

Special education teacher Abbi Stack

Grew up in Janesville, Iowa. Went to Waverly-Shell Rock High School. Attended Northern Iowa for four years of undergrad. 

Taught for 1.5 years at Carey Elementary School in Waverly while earning a master’s degree online through Morningside University. 

She said, so far the year has been “great, consider this place my new home. Lots of support from administration and other staff. I had high expectations for CFHS when I got hired, and my experiences have lived up to those expectations. I love the support that teachers get.”

Spanish teacher Hannah Coates

Has three and a half years of teaching prior at Marshalltown and Janesville 

From Parkersburg, went to UNI for spanish education,

“I really enjoy it, especially with the Spanish department, I finally have a team to go to. Everyone is so supportive and never afraid to ask a question, supportive.” 

Jeremy White

Special Education teacher

25 years in education, with 18 as an administrator (dean of students/assistant principal)

Graduated from Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School anb attended college at Central in Pella 

 “I love it. I love being here, love the kids, love my colleagues. I’m new to special ed, so I need a lot of help with IEPs and stuff like that, but I’m learning a ton, and I appreciate the administration, and the kids are amazing. I think the behavior of the students and their willingness to work has been something I have not seen in my entire educational career.”

French teacher Holly Bumgardner

This is her first teaching job.

Went to Peet and Cedar Falls High School, and majored in history and French. 

“A lot of them were my teachers, and they did not have any problem taking me under their wings.”

She said her year has been going “Fine. I think since I’m closer to y’all’s ages, it makes it easier to relate.”

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