Big sales trumping family, tradition on Thanksgiving

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Many CFHS students over the thanksgiving break spent their time stuck working long hours. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday rolling around, stores were busy, lines were out the door and hours went later.

Instead of being at home spending time with family or friends, more students dedicated their time to countless hours of working.

Senior Drew Marchesani was one in particular who worked the holiday hours at HyVee. He said, “The store was crazy. There was a non-stop rush of people in the store at all times. The amount of turkeys that went through the pay station lines were incredible.”

And as the Thanksgiving meal was just cleared off the tables, many students waited behind cash registers for shoppers to turn out in waves. The environment of people running up and down each aisle, Christmas music blaring over the intercom on the day of Thanksgiving and workers running around with their hands full seemed sadly ambivalent to any recognition of thankfulness. A day of peaceful reflection with family has almost completely flipped into one of the craziest shopping days of the year.

Another senior working during the holidays at HyVee was Anne Hetherton. “It was rough having to work over the holiday when spending time with family is more important.”

Today, Black Friday is now an even Blacker Thursday, which keeps workers and shoppers away from home and away from their families.

Thanksgiving is meant to spend time with families, not waiting countless hours in line for a store to open.

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