Posting calories will help Americans slim down

By: Dino Odobasic

The federal government has officially announced a long list of rules stating that restaurant chains, vending machines, movie theaters and other locations must post calorie counts for the food that they are selling.

Most of the reason behind this is that more than one-third of American adults and 17 percent of children are obese and are doing nothing about it.

Calorie counts next to the food that fast food restaurants sell would benefit many people that are oblivious to just how unhealthy some food is.

Many people nowadays get food, and the only thing they know about it is that it tastes good and that it is not good for you.

But what they do not understand is just how bad some of the foods they’re consuming are.

Most American people will walk into a restaurant or fast food chain and order foods that look appealing to them from the menu.

They’ll take a look at the menu and choose the food that they want, and just not even think about how healthy it is. Some people will even tell themselves that what they’re ordering is unhealthy but, “It can’t be that unhealthy?!” they say. That is where the American people are wrong.

Some of the meals you can order from menus are in the 1,000 calories mark.

For men the suggested daily calorie intake is around 2,500 and around 1,800 calories for women. This is per day. Some Americans eat that amount of calories in less than two meals.

Most of them will say, “One bad meal wont hurt,” but what they don’t understand is that, that one bad meal still got you to eat the food.

Most people will most likely keep saying that and continue to eat more and more high in calorie foods after that and continue to just keep telling themselves that, that one bad meal wont hurt.

Now that the federal government is making a new rule that requires a calorie count on the menu people will take a look at just how unhealthy some of the food is and maybe a lot of people will change their minds and order something healthier, or better yet get people to stop eating out as often as some Americans are.

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