iPhone 6 offers wide range of nice upgrades

By: Dino Odobasic

There’s no arguing about people wanting bigger phones nowadays. Apple has listened to the community and gave them what they wanted, but will the newest creation by Apple satisfy the customers? I got my hands on the new iPhone 6 and reviewed it to see what great new features it offers.

What can be seen right off the bat are the new rounded edges. Apple has gotten rid of the boxy look for the iphone and gave it a more seamless and rounded look, sort of like the iPod Touch 5th generation.

The iPhone 6 looks like it’s been put together from a single piece of metal and glass and fused seamlessly together. The rounded edges give it a softer and sleeker feel on the palm instead of the boxy and sharp feel the iPhone 5/5s gave. The iPhone 6 also feels a little heavier than the previous models.

Since not everyone’s hands are going to be able to reach every part of the screen with just their thumbs, Apple has thought about the issue and come up with a typically elegant solution. Tap twice on the home button and the entire top of the screen scrolls down bringing all the hard to reach areas into your thumb’s range. It works on every app that works in portrait mode too, so you can easily get to the address bar or a browser without a problem.

They have also relocated the power button, which used to be located on the top right of the phone, to the right side of the phone for easier accessibility. The volume buttons are also a tad bit longer than the previous models.

The camera has been upgraded, which can be acknowledged just by looking at it. It is bigger and has been raised out of the phone slightly.

The performance from the iPhone 6 is outstanding. It’s much faster than the 5s.

Playing games feels much smoother and looks a lot better. Some games on the previous models would be laggy and choppy at certain times, but on the new iPhone 6 all of those problems are gone.

The colors are much brighter and darker when they need to be. The screen also seems to be nonreflective. When I brought it outside, the screen had no problem displaying its colors. The screen can be brighter now, even brighter than you could on the iPhone 5s, so there is no problem seeing the screen on very sunny says.

The camera on the iPhone 6 has an outstanding new redesigned auto-focus feature. I didn’t have to keep on pressing on the screen to tell it where to focus and where not to focus.

Pictures look a lot better than they did too. Zooming in when I was taking the pictures didn’t look so grainy anymore. Lastly, the flash on the camera is brighter than it was before, making the picture quality look a whole lot better.

The iPhone 6 looks and feels a lot better than all the other models of the iPhone. It runs a whole lot faster and looks a lot more professional. All in all, the iPhone 6 has gives us what we wanted.

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