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On Thursday, Oct. 23, Cedar Falls High School will be holding a Trivia Competition at 7:30 p.m., right after Parent-Teacher Conferences. The deadline for a team to register is Monday, October 20 at 3 p.m. Each fifth hour class can have up to three teams with four to seven participants. The entry fee for each team includes three cans of food per member for the school’s food drive.

The prize for the winning teams includes receiving all of the cans collected at the entry. The 1st place team will receive 70 percent of the cans, 2nd place will receive 20 percent and 3rd place will receive 10 percent. All of the cans rewarded will contribute to the total cans of the 5th hour classes.

There are several reasons why you, as a student, should highly consider participating in this.

First of all, it’s an academic competition. Taking part in this can be a great opportunity for you and your friends to test your knowledge and skills in certain subjects. It’s a fun way for you and your classmates to have a friendly competition with each other to see who comes out on top. You’ll also might learn some new things that you never knew before.

The second reason is that it’s a chance for your class to help get ahead in the competition. The prizes won at the event can easily help your class take the lead and have a higher chance in winning, which can result in winning a prize of a pizza party for your class.

However, the third and most important to take part is that we’ll be able to have more food to donate. For many us, we all have the privilege to attend a well financed school that serves us both breakfast and lunch every day, along with a warm home and a family that serves us meals. However, the same thing definitely can’t be said for everyone else. In Iowa alone, about 389,730 citizens struggle with hunger, which equates to about 1 in 8 Iowans in hunger. This number doesn’t even come close to the 49 million citizens all over the United States who don’t have enough food.

As both a student body and part of a nation, we should all take responsibility to come together and help those that are less fortunate than us. Some of these individuals who are facing hunger happen to be some of our own classmates and their families. To have a strong community, everyone should be able to have equal rights and equal access to necessities, especially food.

The link to the sign-up form for the trivia contest is posted on the announcements on the school website for any one interested. This is one test all of us should aim to ace.

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