Apple extends big power to tinier products

By: Sam Magee

Anxious to see what Apple had to offer, various press and Apple-involved people sat in the Town Hall auditorium in Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. This being the final presentation to be held in the venue, Apple had a heavy weight to lift in the way of firing up the audience and eventually the world. As the clock hit 10, Tim Cook stepped onto the stage in front of a dimly lit crowd. With the recent issues with the FBI and its case on the San Bernardino terrorist attack, everyone was wondering if he would announce any advances on the aforementioned case. After rumors were spread around weeks before the presentation, it is already known what should be announced at the event: a smaller, yet just as powerful iPhone, a new iPad re-spec and an update to the Apple Watch.

iPhone SE

Apple’s new hardware features a step in the seemingly opposite direction: a smaller screen. With recent mobile devices getting bigger and bigger, some people are still left wondering why the “mobile” industry is making their devices LESS mobile.

The new SE is a great device for those looking for a familiar experience that fits better in the pocket and feels more natural in the hand. Not only does the new iPhone feature a lot of the newer specs featured in the 6S line, like a 12MP camera and A9 processing chip, but it also does so in an overall more compact and cheaper form factor, starting at $399.

The tradeoff with the smaller design is that the phone also loses some of the features of the new iPhones like the newer Touch ID sensor, Apple’s new 3D Touch display and a 128GB capacity for the phone. However, this device will in fact be a fantastic device, keeping up with the newer hardware with a smaller design and a cheaper cost.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Apple also announced a sibling for their recently conceived iPad Pro, a tablet targeted at the professional user, which follows the same size display as the original iPad, and true to Apple’s device weight-loss program, the new iPad Pro is under a pound — much lighter than any other device in its field.

This iPad was announced by mocking the Windows audience by stating that it would be the ultimate device to switch to when coming from a PC. Though this may not be true for everyone, it certainly performs well against other professional tablets and seems to be an up-and-coming favorite in places like the creative industry.

The 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro also starts at an astonishing $200 cheaper than its older brother, the 12.9-inch, with the same specifications. Apple also announced that they will be adding in a 256GB version of the iPad Pro’s, better appealing to the power user.

Apple Watch

Apple’s Watch has gone through a lot of consideration, and many people have enjoyed the device, but there’s always something that its users are looking for. Fortunately it seems like Apple has thought of these issues, and they are looking into updating the device into the future. As for now, it looks like there will be regular updates to the bands, offering new types of bands over time.

First up, they introduced new nylon bands which seem to be quite stylish and offer a lot of contrast for the watch. Apple also announced that they will be updating the software for the watch with new features that should compliment their other mobile devices.

They also took a look at the cost and decided to lower it, starting at $299, which should appeal to a wider audience.

Overall, the final event in Apple’s Town Hall showed a lot of promise for the company and its future, speaking about their new futuristic headquarters and a new device recycling program. Though Mac users would’ve liked to see an update to the computers, this update should come a bit later in the year, announced at their brand new auditorium.

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