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By: Kaela Avila

The Internet is a deep and scary place, and even when you think you’ve reached the absolute bottom or the deepest crevice you, yet again, find yourself even deeper. Through all of the Interweb’s crazy and sometimes lunatic content, you can always rely on a few sites to sort the crazy and keep you informed with what is going on in this world.

That’s why I’m going to break down the five best websites to find news and possibly have a little fun.

The website coming in at number five is CNN. It comes with one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen, as well as very good prioritizing of news. The headlines are catchy and don’t turn the reader away. The only downfalls of that website is the ads can slow down response time of your computer and distract you from what you came there for. Though you can’t really blame CNN for that; it’s the ad company using click-bait to get you to view their website or product.

Number four of this countdown is BBC. BBC has a very good user interface, confusing at times, but overall nice. It leads your eye to the big story immediately and is generally focused on world news. My only grievance is hand-in-hand with a pro; it only focuses on world news. Hardly do you get anything exclusive to America. But it is also a British website, so it’s understandable.

Coming in at number three is Reuters. Reuters is one of the best. They have hardly any political bias; they give the story as it is, how it is. As with all these websites, they have to be given credit for their user interface. Simple layout with stock information on the very top. They also give options to switch between different countries’ headlines. A very reliable website and one of the most unbiased news sources around.

Leading up at number two is my personal favorite. Reddit. Reddit has been crowned “the front page of the Internet,” and it hosts everything you could ever want. Got an interest or hobby? It’s on Reddit. Want to share writing and get critiques? It’s on Reddit. Whatever you want, it’s there, and there are subreddits that have the leading headlines or the most popular stories linked out by fellow Redditors. It’s a forum based site, where in the comment section you can joke around, argue, debate or circlejerk a topic until its dead. Reddit has an “upvote” system where you can filter the bad from the popular and get other’s opinions on a subject. The only downfall is people tend to be confused with the layout of the site, but most Redditors say that once they figured it out, it was simple.

And finally number one is Yahoo News. Not only is it the most visited site to get general news, it is superbly laid out. The user interface is so simple you’d have to be blind not to know how to navigate. It links to some of the best articles on the subject and even writes some of its own. You can navigate and narrow searches as you wish, use the search bar to find key words and can find stocks and their growth there. The only issue found is the amount of ads, and click-bait is a little overdone. But websites do have to make money, and ads are how you do it.

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