Power Puff volleyball sees changes but continues contribution to food drive

Though the numbers of participants were down, students and staff faced off again for the food drive in the powder puff volleyball activity on Monday, Oct. 17. 

Math teacher Briana Goodenbour said, “I always love the powder puff volleyball game. I think I’ve participated in every one held for the last six years. I like how it brings students and staff together for a great cause. It was a little different this year, as there weren’t enough players to fill out all of the teams. The first game was won by a combination of volleyball players and sophomore boys against a mix of teachers and students. The second game was won by a mix of junior and senior guys with the addition of Mr. Teply against the volleyball girls. The third game was won by the guys against the teachers. I definitely hope they continue to host the game. We just need to recruit more players and fans.” 

Sophomore Nick Grover said, “I enjoyed watching my fellow students and my teachers playing. It was a good time watching them play and cheering for them. I plan in the next few years that I participate and be a part of this fun activity.”

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