Trapshooting team triumphs at Wartburg meet

This picture is of all of the Wartburg trap teams guns on the rack. Those trap guns are all over under double barrels. All together they are worth around $10,000, and they are probably the most expensive part of trap shooting.

The Wartburg trap team has two teams when it comes to shooting skeet and trap. This next picture is of the smaller team of four. Typically a team would have five people, but they have nine people in total. This squad is made up of shooters RJ Herra, Evan Guttormson, Andrew Rush, and Cedar Falls alumni Tanner Holden.
Tanner Holden is an average shooter. In this next picture, during this set he shot a 23. His teammate Evan started the set very well, and he shot a 24 the first set and then a 25 the second.
If you look closely at Tanner Holden’s gun in this last picture, you may notice that it is not an over under. Holden is the only person on the trap team and really in that college league that shoots a pump shotgun for skeet. He may be the only one, but he is very good at it, and his coach is excited to see him be the only one at Regionals with a pump.

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