Apple’s nano sees big changes

Apple Company just recently came out with a new iPod nano with multi-touch. The new nano is 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter than the older versions.

It’s even smaller than the iPhone 4. This version also has a 1.5 inch color display, a 240×240 pixel resolution and a built in rechargeable battery that allows you 24 hours of music. It comes in an 8GB and 16GB, and it has a clip. The design takes risks by discontinuing long standing features. It has no Video or Voice Over feature like older iPods.

The students here at Cedar Falls High School have varying opinions about the newest iPod.

Sophomore Ryan Stabenow said, “Sounds kinda pointless. They already have touch screen stuff. If they want a nano, then give them a regular nano and make a mini iTouch.”

Junior Shelby Swarts agreed. “I like the iTouch better because it’s bigger and easier to see,” and senior Kirsten Weaver is just overwhelmed by frequent updates. She said, “I think it’s useless, and they should just stop upgrading.”

Sophomore Haley McDermott is already a fan of the new nano. “This iPod is so cool. I can’t wait to get one.”

The competition doesn’t seem phased. Verizon’s Manager Ryan Samo said, “The same old thing, just a different size.”

Regarding whether Verizon would make a product similar to the new nano, he said, “Probably not. We will just stick to what we do best, the larger touch screens.” He also added that newer Smart Phone genres will be available later this year.

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