Around Town: Staff writers explore options for fun in new weekly feature

It’s safe to say that our Cedar Falls mall just isn’t giving us the entertainment we high school students crave anymore.

Not to worry. Sophomores Justin Marshall and Jessica Dally are here, and we’re going to share with you our adventures of affordable things to do in our area.

This article you are reading will be printed each week. We will provide you with activities we’ve done and the activities we will be doing next week. You must know that Justin and I won’t always agree, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go try what we explore. We will also be switching off between the both of us. One week I will write the article and next week Justin will write the article.

On our first expedition, we laced up our old ice skates and ventured out into the world of ice skating. We went to Young Arena located on 125 Commercial Street in Waterloo. The total cost is $7. Admissions is $3 and skate rentals are $4. The skating times vary from time to time because of the Waterloo Black Hawks and the Warriors hockey teams.

You call their number at 319-291-4300,  and they can give you the times they have open skate available to the public.

Skating is a great way to exercise. Justin was very graceful while I fumbled around. We skated around a couple of times, and we were able to talk and joke around like we usually do.

The people at the arena are very nice as well. I was unable to get money out of the ATM, and she allowed me to go on the ice for free. “I should have pretended that my ATM card didn’t work either,” Justin said. I’m not telling you to forget your money, but that just shows that money is not everything to them.

So we both agree that you should get your old skates out of the garage or go rent a pair there and enjoy the ice. Make sure you bring a jacket, though. It does get quite chilly.

Next week, Justin will be writing about our trip to the paintball arena. The arena is located at 2710 WCF & N Drive in Waterloo.

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