We’ve revamped our site: The Tiger Hi-Line Online

Our View

To keep up with the new year and brand new semester, we at the journalism staff have been improving our old website. Now it is snazzier and easier to use than ever.

You can now type in http://www.hiline.co.nr/ to get to our new hiline website, or, like before, go to the school website and click on Stories by Student Journalists on the sidebar.
Once you find your way to the website, the homepage is formatted for an easy-to-use visit. We have current stories from this year, as well as some old stories from past decades.
There are also links to highlighted audio/visual stories and vox pops from previous years. Every week we will try to add new links to keep you informed and satisfied.

Along with updated audio and visual news, we will soon be adding yearbook pictures so you can more easily see what is going on at CFHS.

We hope that you will continue to be supportive of our journalism team and check out our new and improved website.

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