First Christian Church deserves big thank you

On Friday, Oct. 8, the First Christian Church on 1302 W 11th Street, generously decided to give everyone at Cedar Falls High School free lunches for homecoming week.

Over 1,117 students attend Cedar Fall High School, and a large portion of the school eats school lunch during first and second shifts of power hour. That’s a lot of meals.

The church offered every student a hamburger or hot dog, their choice of an array of chips, a drink (water or a soft drink), and a treat of some kind: cookies, brownies and more.

The First Christian Church has definitely shown their generosity before in numerous events and fundraisers, not just their most recent venture. Some of their events, according to their website, include book clubs, food banks, Wednesday night studies, music ministries, community meals, week of compassion (an annual event where donations are made to many organizations) and more.

The church also allows space for other activities and organizations, such as the Boy Scouts with Troop 500, Women’s Groups and Sunday Lunch Brunch, a church group weekly lunch meeting.

So, if possible, thank the First Christian Church for all they do, especially their free homecoming lunch on Friday. They do a lot for the community of Cedar Falls, so a “thank you” is definitely deserved.

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