CF students match physics skills with tops in Iowa at state olympics

Sara Strever/News Editor

The Physics Olympics team placed 6th out of 21 teams from all across the state on Thursday, April 16.

“We didn’t do as well as we wanted to, but I think we still did an amazing job, overall. We all tried our hardest and had fun doing it. In the end, that’s what really matters,” Freudenberg said.

Nine students and adviser Kenton Swartley traveled to the Science Museum in Des Moines to participate in the annual state Physics Olympics.

“It was a fun experience to get to go down to Des Moines for a day. We saw a lot of different designs other students had come up with for their contraptions, and I learned a lot about how I could improve my own,” senior Arlene Freudenberg said.

Seniors Lee Przybylski and Jerry Stoss placed fourth in the self-propelled water heater.
Seniors Kyle Bernard and Collin Albrecht placed fourth in optical slalom.

Seniors Mark Lukasiewicz placed fourth in the mouse trap car. Senior Sarah Halloran didn’t attend the competition, but did help build the mouse trap car.

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