Did you watch the Olympics?

“Yes, because they are entertaining, and you know they worked hard and are good at what they do. I watch bobsledding, snowboarding, figure skating.”
—Senior Olivia Smothers 

 “When is it? I watch if it’s gymnastics, but that’s the only time.”
—Junior Cloey Sells

“So, yes. I am watching the Olympics, and I’m watching snowboarding, and I’m watching snowboarding because like I just love snowboarding. Like I’ve never tried it because like every movie that I ever watch has like snowboarding in it.”
—Junior Asianae Powell

“I haven’t watched the Olympics; it’s not really my thing.  I’m more like a basketball person, mainly. I’m not really into the Olympics. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve never watched it; it’s never been of interest to me.”
—Sophomore Damarion Lankford

“No, I didn’t watch any of the Winter Olympics. The reason why I didn’t is that I don’t really have cable at home because we just don’t see a need for it because we got Netflix and all that jazz, so we just don’t watch cable TV often.”
—Sophomore Shannon Weich

 “I did not watch the Olympics this year mainly because I probably didn’t have time because most the time I’m working or when I get off of school I’m doing homework if I’m not working and that’s basically the only reason why.”
—Junior Caden Pyfferoen

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