Juniors plans for flying taking off

Junior Alex Goetsch has started to fly, and he can’t wait until he can start taking passengers on his own. 

“I can fly alone now at 16, but I have to wait until I’m 17 and get my private pilot license to take passengers up with me. At an early age my family and I went on a flight for vacation. That was the moment I realized that this is what I wanna do.”

So far Goetsch has flown eight airplanes in total by himself.

“We started renting airplanes, but it’s hard to rent one every time you need to practice flying. Eventually my family and I broke down and bought a smaller one in June.”

When Goetsch got his own airplane, this was around the same time where he started to fly on his own.

“So at first you start off on a smaller plane, which I like because you get an amazing view because you don’t go very high, but when you start off you have an instructor with you to help you with the whole process, having another set of eyes helps too.”

There is a logbook that Goetsch uses in order to track his hours of flying along with the different types of aircrafts he’s flown. 

When Goetsch turns 17, he plans to get his license to fly on his own.

“So far I’m just taking my time building hours on my logbook. I could get it done right away, but I’d have to wait until I’m 17 anyways in order to take the test that will grant me my license. I’d rather be prepared and fresh for the test instead of rushing through the logbook and end up forgetting something from waiting a few months before the test.”

After high school Goetsch plans on going to the highly competitive and prestigious flight school at the University of North Dakota. He said he really likes the idea of teaching people and owning his own business.

“I love the experience all around, but I would really enjoy giving someone else the joy and experience I get from flying. They could see the view from up above and see how interesting flying and the world is.”

Goetsch’s end goal is to fly for Delta Airlines and own his own private jet company. He said he really enjoys the services they offer, so for Goetsch there is no slowing down anytime soon.

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