French exchange student adjusting to CF

Simon-Pierre Brath, a foreign exchange student form Strasbourg, France, shared his unique experience and perspective during a stay in the United States. He is staying with the Smiths family and expressed gratitude for their hospitality.

As for his plans, Wrath said,” I plan to go to college and maybe do something in science.” He is currently taking physics and biology.

Brath’s home in Strasbourg, France, has a mix of French and German influence. He said he came to the United States because “I thought it would be a good experience.”

Discussing cultural misconceptions, he patiently explained some misconceptions Americans might have of French that “they are hard,” referring to the common belief that French can be perceived as strict,  although he knew the truth nuanced. He said the stereotypes go both ways as “French people think that Americans eat a lot” with a chuckle.

Compared with StrasbourgFrance, Brath said, “American schools don’t have as many classes, which means not as much variety as I had in France.” He said he was adjusting to the difference in the education system,  but either way is ultimately the same. Brath said, “it is school.”

Thinking about the future, Brath wasn’t sure if he’d stay in America, but he really loves France.

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