AI has creative potential

When different types of AI are brought into a conversation in regards to a classroom setting, it’s usually about cheating. But AI, like ChatGPT and many others now, have much more potential to be used efficiently in schools. AI has the capabilities to enhance learning in many ways, despite the issue of AI being used to cheat.

First, AI has the equivalent access to knowledge as that of a search engine. It has access to the same information as browsers like Google, which is often where they pull facts from when presented with an inquiry. 

The difference between a web browser such as Google and a chatbot is mainly how the information is presented. The information is always shown in a complete sentence that answers a question, which makes AI a great tool for research. 

The main reason AI is a better alternative to a conventional search engine is its understanding of nuance, allowing it to more accurately interpret questions and give more accurate information as a response. AI like ChatGPT, which were made as conversation AI, are able to handle complex conversation and natural language inputs, meaning they are able to go in depth on certain topics in a conversation fashion. 

AI is also able to proofread text, correct grammar, paraphrase and give suggestions on how to improve pieces of writing. Most likely what AI is most known for, and what makes ChatGPT special, is its ability to respond to commands and learn based on human interaction. AI have gained the ability to respond with images, respond in an automated voice, record video and respond to that video as a form of sight. 

AI is a very powerful tool, and has a large roster of capabilities, so how and why should these be applied in schools? In the opinion of tech coach Kenton Engels the main idea is centered around two core themes; efficiency and creativity. Firstly, AI makes the lives of students incredibly efficient, and as previously mentioned, large language models and AI in depth understanding of complex conversation play a huge role. 

Creativity is another huge plus for AI. Being able to create images, audio and video with just a simple prompt is transformative in the world of art. Canva is a major player in this conversation, as you can use their AI prompts to create whatever type of image you want. 

This is something that has the potential to enhance students’ work, allowing them to express creativity. It adds another dimension to assignments and gives students opportunities to express themselves more.  

You can design anything, truly; videos, presentations, and you can give prompts to bend your design to your every whim. Being able to create an image or even a world in a few prompts is transformational,” instructional coach Kenton Engels said.

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