Fashion Sense with senior Natalie Thomas

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: Mostly from social media, like Instagram but mostly Pinterest. Like a few years ago, mostly like ninth grade, I’ve always kind of like been picky about clothes, so I didn’t really have a style. In ninth grade all I wore was jeans, combat boots and hoodies pretty much, and that’s what I would wear every day, but then I got Pinterest and started looking into fashion and stuff … so yeah, definitely social media has influenced me a lot.

Q: What are some color combinations you recommend?

A: I don’t think there’s many color combinations that would work for every single person because it depends on skin tone and you know like complexion and stuff like that, but I think that for brunettes that are pale like me, I think brown and green is a really great combo. Brown matches your hair, and then the green makes everything pop.

Q: What is a go-to/staple piece?

A: Tank tops and graphic tees. Both are really great items to have because they can be used a lot for layering because you can wear those in the summer when it’s hotter but in the winter layer them with jackets or long sleeves underneath them.

Q: Where do you shop and how do you afford your clothes?

A: I shop in a lot of different places. I have some stuff from Walmart, and the clothes I really like are usually from thrift stores. I love to thrift because it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper. I still have some stuff from bigger retail stores like Target. Recently I’ve gotten into online thrifting like Depop, and Depop is not as affordable as an in person thrift store … but I still really like the variety of clothes you can find on there.

Q: Who do you look up to for inspiration? Is it a celebrity or another student?

A: I don’t really have that many specific people that I look to for inspiration. It’s always just been like pictures and lookbooks and things online, but there are some other students in school I’ve taken inspiration from.

Q: Are your outfits seasonal or do they work year round?

A: There are certain items in my wardrobe that obviously won’t work for certain times of the year. Like there’s this short flower pattern dress that I can’t really layer, so I mostly wear it in the summer, but a lot of the pieces in my wardrobe I can kind of mix and match to match the season because of layering and stuff. I just kinda make it work.

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