Students share favorite romantic films for VDay

The month of February has just begun, and you know what that means: Valentines is just around the corner. To kick off the love season, why not kick back and watch some romance films to set the mood? Considering that the romance genre has countless films under its banner, which films do students recommend?


  1. Ren Barnett (junior)

A Madea Homecoming

“It’s my favorite movie because I love Tyler Perry and Madea and so that one specific movie that involves romance. Since his movies are based around comedy and everything, including romance into that one movie makes it way better. It’s better because it’s not only romance but it’s also comedy.”


  1. Elene Kodanashvili (junior)

Moonrise Kingdom

“I love Wes Anderson movies in general, but I think this one is my favorite. I think the colors, the story, the characters and the feeling of nostalgia it elicits are really amazing.”


  1. Lilly Schildroth (sophomore)

The Proposal

“It’s funny and a feel-good romance movie. It makes me happy to see the ending. I also love Ryan Renolds, and it’s better just because of the plot and the jokes. The casting is great, and it’s just overall a good movie.”


  1. Ed Lin (junior)


It’s very cultured and a favorite among fans of anime/animated movies. Overflow contains lots of plot twists while still adhering to the main story. It’s a short movie, just under an hour, yet is able to tell a story many longer shows cannot. It’s a typical love triangle, except all three live together, though they aren’t blood related.”


  1. Katie Cox (sophomore)

The Princess Bride

“To quote the movie, ‘Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles …’ it has everything a movie should have. There is something for everyone to enjoy.”


  1. Addy Breddin (junior)

Call Me By Your Name 

“I love it because it shows genuine love. Most romance movies have to deal with sex or a crazy lover, but this movie touches your soul in a peaceful way.”

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