Childhood franchises still connect to teens

From My Little Pony to Star Wars, many franchises dominate children’s entertainment. Now that high schoolers are all grown up, do they still have connections to their favorite franchises?

Junior Brady Ramsden-Meier said, “My favorite was Phineas and Ferb. I just remember it being the only thing my family would watch together. It’s also extremely funny.” 

Sophomore Trinity Van Hauren said, “I loved Harry Potter. because it’s something my mom grew up with, and she passed it on to me” 

Sophomore Zoe Castle said, “I liked Cars because it was one of the few movies I watched as a kid. It’s easy to watch and understand as a young child. Now as a teen re-watching the movie you notice things or understand jokes that went over your head as a child.“

Other responses to a Schoology survey included Ninjago, Wild Kratts, My Little Pony, That 70s Show and Star Wars. All said that they are still fans of the franchises they mentioned, but they see them in different ways like junior Mason Munnik who said, “I still think that the movies are fun, but I see the flaws that they have.”

The responses were more indecisive on remakes and sequels. Senior Eli Flint and Ramsden-Meier wanted franchises like Phineas and Ferb, Ninjago and Wild Kratts to come back, but sophomore Abby Colton and Munnik did not enjoy the remakes of My Little Pony and Star Wars respectively. Colton said that the remake was “really unnecessary” and Munnik said, “With the Disney movies, I wish it did not come back.” 

Junior Meg Nelson said she enjoyed the sequel to That 70s Show. “I really like how instead of it now focusing on the adult lives of the original characters, it’s focusing on their kids,” and Castle had mixed opinions on the successive Cars franchise offerings. “Most of the ‘remakes’ were good in the franchise, others not so much. Cars 3 in my opinion was not a good movie and took the franchise in a different direction from the first film, while compared to the new series, Cars On The Road was very good and brought back lots of good things from the original movie and new elements.“

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