Clothing inspirations arise from different sources

Whether it be from trends or expressing their creativity, many students have a story to tell about their outfit choices each day.

Many students try to dress both comfortably and creatively. “I usually wear casual, comfy and colorful outfits to school,” sophomore Adaline Ebensberger said. “I like to express myself through my clothing.” 

Holmes freshman Elliot Sommerfeldt said, “I usually wear comfy clothes with some sort of jewelry to add some flare.”

Inspiration from outfits can come from many sources including friends and trends. “I usually get my inspiration from Pinterest and celebrity influencers,” Ebensberger said. Pinterest is a very popular site for style inspiration according to Sommerfeldt. “I get my inspiration from Pinterest and other social media,” they said. 

My friends wear clothing similar to mine,” Sommerfeldt said. In regards to how she dresses compared to her friends, Ebensberger said, “Sometimes we borrow each other’s clothes to wear during the school day.”  

Both Sommerfeldt and Ebensberger said they’ve gotten some of their taste in fashion from their friends.

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