Students celebrate Super Bowl with families

The biggest game every year for Americans is the Super Bowl, and this year it was held on Feb. 12

Sophomore Nick grover said, “Every year when the Super Bowl time comes we go to my grandparents and my uncles and nephews and cousins and aunty and couple friends come over, and we all watch the game. Everyone comes early, and we eat dinner and lunch together. It’s a fun family night that day. Everyone makes bets on who’s going to win, and everyone is wearing the team they support that day. Everyone gets excited, and we have snacks. Even the little kids sit and watch. It’s a really fun time. I always look forward to it every year.”

For  Andrew Rottinghaus, the big game includes, “family and friends come over to my house really early in the morning. If the weather is nice that day, we play outside for a bit and hangout, and if it’s really nice, we grill outside. It’s fun to watch the family come around all together because it doesn’t happen every day, only in holiday or special occasions. The little kids go and play games on their Playstation and older and teens watch the game. I really enjoy it, and I look forward for the halftime show every year because it’s interesting to see what they do, but I also like watching the teams play, especially if the team I like is playing.” 

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