Check out Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in 2023

Pumpkin patches in the fall are a time-honored tradition for most families. They can be something simple like a farm field filled with pumpkins lined in rows for families to walk through to pick out their favorite pumpkin, or an attraction with several activities to enjoy. 

My family has visited a pumpkin patch called Vala´s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, Neb. 

Vala´s is open for visitors from Sept. 23 till Halloween night. It hosts 200,000 people each season, and they are there to enjoy over 50 attractions and three live shows all on 400 acres of land decorated with everything fall-themed. 

The average amount of time you can expect to spend at Vala´s is five hours. You can enjoy hotdogs, turkey legs, freshly made fudge and caramel apples, and don’t forget to get a glass of apple cider made by Vala´s. 

They have a train that takes you on a tour around the whole farm, but a favorite of my family is the apple blasters, where you can shoot apples at targets. There are corn mazes, pirate mazes, a storybook barn, and even a haunted trail and graveyard. 

The time my family spends at the pumpkin patch is fun and relaxing. I would recommend a visit to any local pumpkin patch with your family.

With the popularity that my family has witnessed at Vala´s, it is easy to say that pumpkin patches are going to continue to be a staple of fall. Whichever type of pumpkin patch you choose to enjoy, they are here to stay.

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