Hi-Line survey finds majority of Holmes staff, students waiting for Christmas

There are many strong opinions about what holiday comes first: Thanksgiving or Christmas? In a Hi-Line survey, 10 percent of ninth graders had many different answers, and there was a little bit of debate. 

About 58 percent  surveyed said that Thanksgiving comes first, and 42 percent voted in favor of Christmas. When it came to the question “When does the Christmas season start?,” about 31 percent said Nov. 1, 4 percent said Oct. 31, 4 percent said January 1, 19 percent said Nov. 25 (the day after Thanksgiving), 35 percent said Dec. 1, 3 percent said Dec. 15, and 7 percent said Dec. 5. 

Many different opinions came to light during this survey. Emma Moran said that the Christmas season starts on Jan. 1 because “It’s the best time of the year.”

Mr. Hirdler, the Holmes counseling secretary, was very offended when he heard that. Hirdler said that Thanksgiving comes first and that the Christmas season starts on Nov. 25. Hirdler said, “People need to let Thanksgiving happen 👏👏.”

Senora Blanco, the Holmes Spanish teacher, said that the Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving, and she said that she “likes to have a little fall before full on Christmas mode.”

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