The Other Side of the Sky opens up adventure worth taking

If you love fantasy, you will love this book. The Other Side of the Sky by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner builds an incredible world centered around two people fighting for their separate homes. 

Nimhara, the Divine One, is a goddess among her people in the Below. Set in a land with no technology, her people live their life with magic and the impossible. While Nimh is struggling to restore faith and protect her people, North is living a life as the prince of the Cloudlands where technology is much more advanced and magic has never been heard of. They are both trying to save their worlds and they need each other’s help but trust is never easy. 

This book creates a world that is many many years in the future. When English is the language of the ancients and the gods have fled to the sky. The story is consistent and keeps you at the edge of your seat. There is always a secret around the corner and you will yell at yourself for not knowing it before. Like meeting that one person everyone thought was dead. That messed me up. The interactions can sometimes be cheesy and repetitive but then the book hits you with such a meaningful sentence you have to look away and breathe. Trust me it’s impactful. 

Explained thoroughly but slowly so as not to overwhelm you, The Other Side of the Sky gives an adventure worth taking. All the characters are very in-depth and you even meet a lovable, snarky cat. If you are a reader who likes magic and unexpected relationships with a little bit of mystery, go take an emotional journey and read The Other Side of the Sky

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