Students mostly leaving lockers empty

Though every student at Cedar Falls High School gets a locker, use of them varies.

“I don’t really use my locker,” Holmes freshman Henry Funk said, and freshman Morgan Ferch is the same. “I never use my locker except in the winter to put away my jacket.” 

Instead, many students used their backpack to keep track of their stuff. “I use my bag because it’s much easier to get my things quickly and easily,” said Holmes freshman Casper Morgan said. 

With this information about locker usage in mind, at the new high school there will be fewer lockers and they won’t be assigned to students. Instead, students will be able to “rent” lockers if they wish to. “I like how you’ll be able to pick the most convenient locker,” Funk said.

Morgan also said,  “I love that idea for the new system.”

There were some concerns, however. “What if people get their lockers mixed up thinking they have one when they have a different one?” Funk asked. 

“My only concern would be making sure there are enough lockers available for all students,” Ferch said. 

Principal Jason Wedgbury said, “Students who desire locker access on a daily basis will have that availability. When we conducted our study, we learned that the vast majority of our students do not use a locker at the high school and most do not come in the building with coats. Those who want a locker will certainly have access to one.”

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