Students reflect on favorite projects

Throughout the school year, students have participated in many different projects and activities in their classes. 

For some students, the hard work that’s put into a project makes the end result more gratifying for them. “My favorite project this school year was my project on nihilism. It was my favorite project because the result was very gratifying, even though it was a giant project and took a lot of work and effort,” said Roni Marulanda, a Holmes seventh grader. 

Others prefer projects where they get to interact with others. “My favorite project was the class of 2026 mural in Advanced Art 9. I liked it because it was fun to collaborate with different students and see all of our ideas come together,” said Abigail Mott, a ninth grader at Holmes.

Going out of your comfort zone with a presentation is also fun for some students. “My favorite project I did this year was my history presentation. It let me share about my culture and where I come from. I struggle with presentations, so having the courage to stand up in front of a class and share something important to me meant a lot,” said Jasmyn Breddin, a ninth grader at Holmes. 

Some students really enjoy the independence that comes with a school project. “My favorite project was a classical novel project for English. It made the learning more independent opposed to the earlier parts of the year when we did everything together,” said Reagan Easter, a Holmes ninth grader.

An important part of a school project for some was also the lasting impact. “I learned about nihilism, philosophies related to it, famous philosophical thinkers, types of nihilism and the history and origins of nihilism,” Marulanda said.

“I learned how to find things like motif, theme, epiphany and more while reading my own book,” Easter said.

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