Staff, students prepping to European trip next summer

Students and staff will have a chance this year to attend an international leadership conference. The 12 day leadership summit will begin in Rome and Naples and students that attend will meet with specialized individuals regarding environmental sustainability and learn more about modern practices to help slow down climate change. The group will then travel to Berlin and meet with other students and teachers from around the world to attend the three-day conference, focusing on creating a sustainable future. 

All travel will be done by a plane. All current 11th and 12th graders are able to attend. There is a big focus of ecological conservation but also many opportunities to learn the culture and see iconic structures and experience a different lifestyle.  

Counselor Andrew Eisenman and CAPS teacher Chris Wood worked together to give students this opportunity. Eisenman said, “This is also one of the largest groups of students traveling. We currently have about 60 students registered to travel with nine staff members.” 

There were a few different educational tour groups that they were looking into, but they ultimately ended up going with EF tours thinking that it is the best fit. 

Eisenman said, “We would love for this to be an annual thing. We are starting to look at tours for the summer of 2024 but haven’t decided yet if we will be able to organize another tour so quickly.” He said when the school first started promoting the trip, 500 families showed interest. 

“To any students debating, I would say, please keep your mind open to international travel in the future. This is a unique opportunity for CFHS; however, there will be study abroad opportunities for students after high school,” Eisenman said. “I hope that students walk away with fun memories, increased leadership and collaborative skills and a wider worldview.”

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