Seniors recognized in last marching band performance

The marching band held its last performance this year at the UNI-dome on Friday, Oct. 14, including a commemoration for this year’s seniors with a photo session and recognition for each senior, along with their parents or guardians. After the recognition took place, the seniors from the marching band rushed over to the rest of the band, who were all ready to perform. From there, the band trooped onto the field and performed for the halftime show.

“When we started marching band at the end of my sophomore year, I knew nothing about drum majors since we didn’t have a sophomore year of marching band because of COVID,” senior drum major Jenna Borwick said. “I really did not think that I would be chosen when I saw everyone else trying out, so I think that if anyone wants to be a drum major but is scared, they should just go for it because you never know what could happen. I’m so glad that I decided to try out because I’ve had a great time these past two years.”

The seniors were encouraged to dress up for the event, instead of wearing their traditional marching band uniforms. During the performance, the band ran through their catalog of songs they had practiced this year, which was named “Millennial Mixtape.” Songs included arrangements of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and “Piano Man,” “Viva La Vida,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” After the band’s half-time performance, students who rode a bus to the event packed their things and left while some who drove to the UNI-dome stayed to watch the rest of the game.

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