Consumers should pay attention to ingredients in makeup

Makeup can be both good and bad. The good of it is that it can make someone feel beautiful and confident. It can help someone , and it can be somebody’s hobby because they enjoy it so much since it’s like art, but on your face.  But what’s bad about makeup? 

The  chemicals and ingredients that are in makeup products can cause cancer later in the future or can cause really bad breakouts, which leads to acne. A  lot of people recommend cruelty free and vegan makeup because the ingredients that are in vegan makeup are safe and good for your skin. One makeup product that I know that is  bad for your skin is the Airspun Setting powder. This powder is proven to cause skin cancer because of the talc that’s in it. They haven’t changed the formula since 1935.  As good as this setting powder is, it can be dangerous and you could face some consequences in the future. I have used this powder so many times I have gone through three batches of this powder. It’s just too good to not keep getting it.  

Another risky makeup brand or product would be Wet n Wild. It’s very cheap. I have their foundation. It smells like straight up acrylic paint. It works great, but it later makes your face breakout, and it’s just not good for the skin.  That’s the only bad part of this product.    

Clinique would be another brand. This brand has its hits and misses. Some people would say it’s an old people’s brand, but they have come out with good products that people enjoy like their lipsticks and glosses. One of their worst makeup products is mascara. It supposedly takes forever to come off your lashes, and it can cause allergic reactions. 

It’s always good to do a background check when buying a product. It’s always good to know what the ingredients are so it wouldn’t hurt your skin or damage it. Makeup has been around for a long time, and it has changed since the world has become more modern, but it’s always good to find what works best for your skin and how to protect it from any chemicals and ingredients that are harmful. It’s also always good to remove your makeup when you are about to sleep or it can cause huge breakouts.

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