Free alternates to Photoshop available

Saving money while using the tools capable of creating something impressive shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, but Adobe Photoshop and other plans are pricey. Very pricey. 

If you aren’t looking to stray too far from the point of origin, then the Photoshop web version might fit your needs. This is currently a beta, so who knows if it will remain free forever, but for the time being, you can access the web beta of Photoshop from Adobe’s website. It has less features but most of the cores that make Photoshop something to consider purchasing. 

Other alternatives are standalones, such as Photopea. This site has lots to offer, from templates to lots of exciting features, a few are exclusive to Photopea as well. 

Another company, Pixlr offers multiple editions for free to best suit your needs on the current project.

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