Sophomore balancing busy schedule

Sophomore Maya Johnson ends her day at 12:30 a.m. Her daily routine consists of constant on the go activities, while keeping her grades passing, and being involved in competitive dance and work. 

Johnson provided her daily routine during the school week listed below:

  1. Wake up at 6 a.m. every day to get sister ready for school.
  2. At 7 I leave house to take sister to daycare.
  3. I make breakfast, take care of cats, create dinner plans for the night
  4. Get to school at 7:45.
  5. After school immediately head to work 25 minutes away from school.
  6. Work ’til 8, then immediately head to competitive dance, making time for snacks and preparation while driving to practice. 
  7. Get home from dance at 11. 
  8. After getting home, prepare an easy breakfast prep for her sister in the morning and get her homework done for AP classes. 
  9. Finally go to bed around 12:30 and repeat the next day. 

Johnson said that creating lists and setting her alarm on her phone for specific times she is supposed to get things done helps them make sure she doesn’t get behind on their responsibilities. 

“I honestly like being busy,” Johnson said. “My advice for other students balancing work, sports and family is to stay positive as much as possible. In my circumstances, I chose to have a job to get some extra money for gas, and then with my passion for dance I will always make room for that. However, I do have to help my parents out preparing meals and taking care of my younger sister.”

Having good support from their friends and family helps Johnson not get too overwhelmed, she said. “If I am running late to dance or work, one of my friends is always willing to help me with my sister. I am very fortunate for the help I do have,” Johnson said.

Almost every weekend during competition season through her dance company Fusion, Johnson is in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids competing. She said how she will do her school work during the car ride there, or during downtime at her competitions. She has to take work off for these competitions, but is known for her hard work and dedication at work, school, and dance.

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