Follow these seven upcoming trends to stay on top of style

Here’s a list of eight trends for the summer of 2022. Trends are set from the runway and street style. Trends tend to repeat every 20-30 years because of generational changes and designers taking inspiration from pieces their parents wore. Recent fashion trends have been short lived. This is because of the rise of social media and influencers. There have been many more trends in this short time, but their lasting time has decreased. 

Cutout clothing 

Pre fall 2022 fashion shows commenced the return of the cutout trend. This trend has a variety of creative takes. Incorporating this trend will add a futuristic element to your outfit.


This trend first took off in the 1960s. Dancing trends on TikTok have been displaying the sleek garment. Celebrities like the Kardashians, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been promoting the look on their social media. This trend has been popularized because it promotes confidence and comfortability. 

Crotchet clothing- 1970s inspired

This trend was created in the ’20s and ’30s, and then rose in popularity again in the ’70s. Now the trend is starting to take off again. Festival season has been getting great amounts of hype because they were unable to be held during Covid-19 quarantine. This trend has been strongly influenced by Coachella, and it’s synonymous with free style dressing.

Bell bottoms

This trend was popularized in the ’70s and presents many advantages for modern fashion. It allows for creativity regarding silhouettes. Also growing in popularity, vintage fashion is influencing this trend. 

Sweetheart neckline

This type of neckline originated in the Middle East. It creates a flattering detail for any blouse or dress, resembling the curves of the top of the heart. There are many different creative variations of this neckline. 

Lace up

Popularized in the ’90s, modern fashion is taking this trend to the next level, with a retro touch for any outfit. Pieces like these have great versatility, allowing one to be dressed up or dressed down. 

Loose denim 

Inspired from 90s trends, loose fitting styles have become popular and in demand. During the time of Covid-19 quarantines, many people had to stay home, which led to looser clothes being worn more often. 

Work shoes

Retro silhouettes will be incorporated such as loafers, mary janes and cloggs. These types of shoes have been staples in work uniforms and formal events for years, though they have been trending in street style for the past year.   

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