Senior reflects on high school experience

For many seniors, there are vast amounts of emotions when it comes to graduating. Jeffery Lugalia, a senior and striker for the men’s soccer team, reflected on his high school experience. “As a sophomore, I had a little bit of butterflies in my stummy due to the difference of size between the highschool and junior high. Obviously, the junior high is smaller, so when I first arrived at the high school I was kind of worried about adjusting to the building. Another thing I would also add is the fact that you get a sort of different mindset on wanting to complete schoolwork or wanting to accomplish an individual goal at the high school. Other than that, I was actually really excited to share classes with some of my friends from Holmes Junior High and to be able to meet new people. Now that I am about to graduate, I definitely have those same types of emotions again. Excited, yet highly strung for what’s next.”

Throughout the three years at the high school, seniors also have to adjust to all the new additions and subtractions that happen within and outside of school. Lugalia said, “I definitely liked how accountable you had to be for yourself. For example, the teachers at the junior high always kept you up to date on serving detentions or finishing your homework. Although at the high school, you have to hold yourself accountable and be the one to step in to change or finish whatever you need done. Plus, at the high school you’re granted more freedom with going around the school and choosing what classes interest you. In a way, it’s sort of a step up or transition in what you want to do in life. It helps students become their true selves. When it comes to what I disliked about high school. I would probably say that I didn’t really like the study hall in the cafe. Out of all things, being in the cafeteria for study hall was just a boring no no for me. I hated the seats and the area for me just gave me no energy to want to actually work on school related things.”

To close this topic, Lugalia wants to point out what he will miss from high school and what the high school has taught him throughout the years. “For me at least, I will probably miss always having to wake up on a schedule to see the same teachers or classmates every day. Although students may look the other way and see that as something they wouldn’t miss, for me, nope. Like think about it. For seniors graduating, we’ve pretty much had the almost the same routine for 12 years while seeing a handful of people we’ve grown up with. As soon as we graduate, the people we grew up with are going to take that next step into life and that schedule we grew up with is long gone. If I had one to say one lesson I picked up from high school other than tests or subjects. I would say that it has taught me that it is OK to be different and unique. Everybody at school is different. The way teachers teach and interact with students. Different. The way students act and dress. Different. Is being different bad? Of course not. Being different is the only way to find people who you truly like, which makes high school so much better. If you act like someone or something else in high school, it’s only going to affect who you are after high school and damage your experience. Just be yourself and follow your true interests. It will help benefit in building your true character and experiencing high school!”

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