Some English teachers incorporating independent reading

In some English classes, students find and share independent books.  “I think independent reading always has value, and I think it’s important for students to find what to read and read for enjoyment,” English teacher Molly Magill said.  “Reading will improve vocabulary along with exposing the readers to new ideas, so it is beneficial for students to read.” 

English teacher Matthew Klemesrud said, “I think it’s important that everyone learns about and reads about experiences outside of their own lives or their own social experiences.”

The objective of reading has changed since elementary school.  “In elementary school it was more for teaching students how to read and learn how to understand texts, but in high school it’s more about challenging students’ ways of thinking and enjoying themselves,” Magill said.  

Many students do not know what genre will be interesting to them. “I think young adult fiction is always a place to start, and graphic novels are always huge,” Magill said.  Klemesrud said, “Dystopian books and science fiction books are pretty popular for high school students.”  

Magill said, “I believe that there is a book for everyone and everyone can enjoy a good book.”

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