Hellenism followers worship Greek gods seeking varying benefits

Hellenism has been passed down through centuries. From back in Ancient Greece, it has been taught, but yet, what is Hellenism? 

Hellenism is the religion around Greek gods and goddesses. It’s a modern practice and can be found anywhere in the world. Hellenistic people often work with deities, also known as the Greek gods/goddesses, and tend to worship and pray to these gods. 

Some also make altars, to show their appreciation to the deities they work with. Some may have tiny altars or some may have huge ones. It all depends on what feels right to the person in question. There are groups of people from around the world that come together to celebrate these gods. 

What is an altar? An altar is a place where you worship one deity or many. Depending on which deity it is for, they all are different. Such as for Aphrodite, you can add roses and rose quartz to her altar. While for Hades you can add coins and animal bones to yours. Some people don’t add the normal things. It’s really up to you to decorate and create your altar.

There are many different reasons to worship the gods. Such as, it could be passed down from family members, or certain gods bring certain things. Aphrodite can bring self confidence, a better love life and self worth. All the gods can help with certain things. It all depends on who you feel most drawn to.

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