Foods students putting cooking skills to test with class contests

Foods One and Two have their annual food “cook offs” where students create their own recipes to be scored by judges. Recently, they held a Chili Cook Off, and toward the end of the year there will be a annual Food Truck Competition in Foods 2. 

“Students will be creating their own food truck, creating marketing materials for it and developing their own menu. They will eventually get to create their items in the lab as well,” foods teacher Kaitlynn Botkin said. 

Foods 2 student Clayton Turner is ecstatic to be participating in the Food Truck Competition. “I love cooking and creating new and different flavors, and since I have the class seventh hour, it is a great way to end my day,” Turner said. 

Turner, the winner of the competition, said that he was very proud of his chili creation. “My chili was pretty dope; it tasted amazing,” Turner said. 

Foods 2 student Nolan Reese also said he loved the chili cook off. “It was a really fun experience,” Reece said. “I didn’t really like chili before this class, but it gave me a chance to think of and create my own flavors, and I actually think it was pretty good. I really enjoyed this class, and it’s overall just really fun to participate in.” 

The Food Truck Competition will end off the year, and Foods 2 and 3 students are able to create their own flavors and have fun with cooking while at school.

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