Peet English students wrapping up argumentative essays

The ninth grade English classes at Peet Junior High are wrapping up their argumentative essays. Some students are having trouble while others are doing really well. 

Freshman Mattie Dieken is writing about motorcycle helmets’ in Brian Suiter’s class, and had a hard time finding more relevant sources. “It was a pretty easy topic to write about and didn’t ever get stuck for a very long time on a certain spot,” she said.

Grace Roth is in Nathaniel Norby’s English class, and her topic is whether celebrities deserve privacy from the press. Roth said she struggled with finding good articles to get evidence from. 

Nicholas Adelmund is in Norby’s class as well. His topic is about evolution. “The analysis, what I thought would be my worst point, is,” but he said on the plus side, “I feel as though my evidence that I used in my essay was strong, was hard to disprove or discredit. I cited my work when I had to.” 

Zoe Castle is in Suiter’s honors English class and chose the topic of the mental health field. “The counterclaim is difficult to write because there is not much information going against supporting the mental health field,” Castle said. “Yes, there is a lot of general mental health information provided in this paper. There is also plenty of information on what the country is trying to do to give more support to those in need.”

Madeline Loria chose the topic of workplace discrimination. “I was able to find many different pieces of information to include into my argument to make it interesting,” Loria said. “It’s a hard topic, and there are many different views, sides and opinions to try and incorporate into my essay.”

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