Peet Tiger Timers find home, Hamilton with history teacher

Last month eighth grade U.S. history teacher Bethany Meier hosted a Tiger Time enrichment where students came in on Thursdays and watched Disney’s Hamilton. Meier said that she started the Hamilton enrichment because “We were teaching the revolutionary war unit, and it fit in perfectly, plus I wanted an excuse to show it in school.” 

Students would come in to watch the popular Broadway musical and sing along with their friends. This month she is not hosting a Tiger Time enrichment but still welcomes students into her room each week to get work done or just enjoy time with their friends. Ninth grader Greta Huhn said, “I think just hanging out and not being destructive is a good thing for students.” 

Ninth grader Katie Cox said, “I enjoy being around Meier. She is so fun and understanding. She gives us the freedom we need in school after a long day of rule following. We love and respect her, and she treats us all with kindness and respect in return and loves to be involved with us.” Ninth grader Adalyn Terpestra-Schwab was in Meier’s class last year and still visits her in Tiger Time. “It is a fun place to be as opposed to the loud cafeteria or alone in your Tiger Time classroom. It is a place where you can mess around and have fun with your friends. It is a very positive atmosphere and a genuinely nice place to hang out.” 

Meier said she does it because she said she feels, “I’m a safe space for a lot of kids. They feel comfortable in here, and it feels like home.”

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