Gift ideas for the last minute shoppers

Christmas is the time for giving rather than receiving. A time to be selfless and spread joy. With five days away from waking up to gifts under the tree, cookies with milk and matching pajamas,  late Christmas shopping usually is the way to go considering all the prepping you have to do before Christmas. Here are some DIY and low-priced yet thoughtful gift ideas.

Candy is a go-to when coming up with a gift for someone, especially when you’re strapped for cash. Creating a gift box, basket or any container you want to put your items in is an easy and creative way to spread joy. Fill up your gift with your friend, boyfriend, mom, etc. with his or her favorite candy. To take it to a different level and add desirable objects and boost the presentation to ensure the items fit a perfect color scheme. You can even add pictures!


Gift cards are another great way to go while also saving a lot more time. Getting a gift card to somebody’s favorite place is like a gift from heaven. If you are unaware of their go-to area, a Visa is also another option. It’s giving them money except on a card.



Clothes are one of the best gift ideas. The upsides to getting somebody clothes are that they last longer, protect them against the cold, etc. Although a downside is that it costs more, depending on the piece you get. This gift also depends on whether or not you are familiar with your person’s clothing styles. Suppose you don’t want to get the person receiving the gift just any clothing. In that case, you can buy them a jersey from their favorite team and merch from their desirable celebrity/influencer. This is also beneficial because their clothing style does not apply to this section.

Chibi anime collectibles are a unique gift and not seen often. If your friend is into any anime, get your special someone a collectible from their favorite show, and you are also thinking out of the box.

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