Video Games Etc. offering freeplay matches on Sunday, Oct. 17

Magic: The Gathering is a complex and strategic fantasy card game that, for beginners, is pretty tough to get into. But, if one ever wants to learn Magic: The Gathering or just wants to play others for free, Video Games Etc. in Cedar Falls has freeplay matches available for no charge.

The freeplay matches take place on Sundays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and the upcoming freeplay match is coming this Sunday, Oct. 17. Video Games Etc. offers the freeplay matches for all skill levels and all age levels who wish to attend. “Everyone is welcome to Magic, all levels of skill,” said Kory Bastian, the manager of the Cedar Falls location for Video Games Etc.

The video game store is planning to expand their collection of Magic: The Gathering cards and merchandise, as well as making a stronger bond with Wizards Of The Coast, the creators of not only Magic: The Gathering, but also the Pokémon trading card game.

“We want to offer more to customers playing Magic: The Gathering; more Magic tournaments, freeplay nights and cards. Hopefully this will bring more Magic players to Magic: The Gathering.”

Connect with planeswalkers (the main characters within Magic: The Gathering) across the land and come to the Magic: The Gathering freeplay matches at Video Games Etc., and if you are a veteran of the game, don’t forget to bring your wildest decks.

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