Three admirable authors paying visits to Cedar Falls Public Library In October

During the month of October, three authors are coming to the Cedar Falls Public Library. One already came, so don’t miss out on the next two authors and their presentations.

On October 9,  at 2 p.m., author Jocelyn Green, the author of novels such as Wedded To War and Free To Learn: Making Peace With Your Lopsided Life, presented two of her most recent novels, Veiled In Smoke and Shadows Of The White City to readers of the Cedar Falls Public Library.  

Green writes mostly historical fiction and mental health guides. Her most recent entries in her novel line-up are set in specific historical periods; Veiled In Smoke focusing on the Great Chicago Fire due to its 150th anniversary, and Shadows Of The White City focuses mainly on the first World’s Fair. The new books were available for purchase after the presentation, and some readers even were able to speak with Green about writing and novel publication. Overall, the meeting was a great way for readers to learn more about a critically-acclaimed author.

The author presentations coming up should be marked down on calendars, because they are just as exciting as Jocelyn Green’s presentation.

On Thursday, Oct. 14, at 7 p.m., Grady Hendrix, the author of novels such as The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires and My Best Friend’s Exorcism, will present his latest title, The Final Girl Support Group at the library. The author writes mostly horror and murder-mystery novels. 

The Final Girl Support Group’s main plot is about a group of heroines that have each gone through horrific tragedies and massacres in their past lifetimes. All of the characters go to a support group to learn about how to cope with their PTSD, but then a murder occurs within the support group, and the mystery of who the killer is rages on throughout the course of the novel.

The Final Girl Support Group is highly anticipated by horror and mystery novel literary critics, and a television series based on the novel has already been announced for development. The author will also go over the history of thriller and murder novels. After the presentation, readers will be able to purchase the newest novel and attend the book signing for The Final Girl Support Group, as well as meet and chat with Hendrix. If you enjoy mystery and horror novels, and are excited for The Final Girl Support Group, this presentation is a must see.

The final author presentation for the month of October in 2021 in the library is on Friday, Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. The presentation will be hosted by the author Linda McCann, who writes mostly historical novels about the history of Iowa. She has written novels such as Prisoners Of War In Iowa and Lost Butler County. Many of the author’s novels will be available after the presentation for purchase, even the novel about Black Hawk County, our high school’s home county. If you enjoy Iowa’s history and literature, or you want to brush up on some historical information about our home state, please consider attending this presentation.

When attending these presentations, masks are heavily encouraged by the Cedar Falls Public Library. The events which have not occurred yet will take place in the Community Center (Hendrix’s presentation) and the meeting room (McCann’s presentation).

If a fan of any genre of literature, any of these presentations would be worth attending.

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