Apple’s iPhone 13 model worth the upgrade for those older than iPhone 12

Apple has once again released new additions to their iPhone lineup: the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max. Right now the biggest question is if it’s worth it. 

In terms of looks, Apple kept the look of the iPhone 12. It has the same flat stainless steel sides and is offered in the same colors, with the exception of a new blue and black, so it seems like they’re the same, but there are three big things different about the 13 series compared to previous models. 

All four phones received bigger batteries, better screens and better cameras. The new batteries increase the life by a couple of hours for each model, but the 13 series new A15 chip also reduces power consumption. Increasing the battery for the 13 to 19 hours, 22 hours for the 13 Pro, 28 hours for the 13 Pro Max and 17 hours for the 13 Mini. The bigger battery size is especially big for the Mini, which only had a battery life of about 15 hours, giving it the same amount of battery as the 12 Pro. 

The 13 series screens’ max brightness is 175 nits brighter, changing the max brightness from 625 nits to 800 nits. The Pro and Pro Max get something more for their screens. They got adaptive refresh rates up to 120hz. Refresh rate is how many times a screen displays new images in a  second. It being adaptive means the screen’s refresh rate changes based on what you are doing, putting it far ahead of anything else in the phone industry. 

The 13 series’ biggest upgrade is the camera. A new ultra-wide camera has been added, increasing the detail of dark spots in photos. They also received a new wide camera, allowing for much better night mode pictures. 

The 13 Pro and Pro Max also got ProRes video support, allowing for smaller video files of up to 4k quality. They also got up to 15x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom. 

All 13 series phones got a new video recording feature, Cinematic mode. Cinematic mode is video portrait mode; it automatically focuses on an object and blurs the background in real-time You can also edit what is blurred when editing the video. Overall, the iPhone 13 series is a buffed-up version of the 12 series. The 13 series is better than the 12 series, but it’s only worth getting if you have anything less than a 12. The upgrades it brings just aren’t big enough to warrant an upgrade from the 12.

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