Teacher, student connections important to success

Every student has an aspiration of some sort or a goal, whether it be a big or small one, that they hope to achieve. But sometimes we lack the motivation to achieve these things. Encouragement from others helps us to want to achieve these aspirations. 

Some of the best people to help students in these situations are teachers. Teachers are always trying to encourage students to be better but rarely do they openly attempt to learn more about student’s aspirations outside of the classroom. 

As teachers get to know their students, they can always find moments to say something that will give the student a bit of motivation such as telling the student that they can’t wait to see them achieve that goal or asking them to invite you to a certain event related to their goal, or perhaps sneaking in brief comments really makes a difference. 

Asking the student(s) about how they’re doing on reaching their goals is a great way to encourage them. When a free moment arises, just quickly ask them “How is it coming on the _____.” 

This reminds them that you care about their goal and gets them excited about it. Remind them it is possible to achieve that goal and succeed. 

“If students want something, they need to make a specific plan for how they can reach that goal. For example, if you want to be a marathon runner, you put in the gradual steps to get to the point where you can run marathons. Don’t expect your aspirations to happen immediately; work toward them,” Peet English teacher Nathaniel Norby said. 

However, students also don’t always open up, so it’s hard for teachers to discover what this student is truly passionate about and encourage them to chase that aspiration. As friends, coworkers, family and peers, we can do this too. We can encourage one another to reach our goals and chase our dreams. Together, we can help each other achieve anything. 

Norby also said, “I read a quote somewhere—I can’t remember where—but it reinforces the idea that in order for people to pursue their aspirations they first need to believe in themselves. ‘If you can believe in Santa Claus for the first eight years of your life, you can believe in yourself.’”

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