Students signing up for Hawkeye concurrent summer classes

Cedar Falls students have the opportunity of Hawkeye Concurrent Classes for those planning on attending college after high school. Sophomore Jaden Swarts has jumped at the chance to get college credit as a junior by signing up for Comp I. 

Swarts said she is excited to experience a new learning style different from the high school curriculum, but she is nervous for the class to appear on her college transcript. 

Swarts took AP Human Geography her sophomore year but has no experience with HCC classes. “I decided to take this class so I can get college and high school credit. I think it will be fun,” Swarts said. 

Swarts said she hopes to gain a better work ethic and organization skills after completing the class. “I know there will be a lot of papers with little guidance, so I will have to be more independent,” she said. 

The process of registering for the class did not take very long. With the help of the school counselors, signing up took around 10 minutes. 

Swarts said she is worried about the stress load of balancing sports, extracurriculars and her other responsibilities with the college course. “Hopefully, this class will help me learn better time management skills,” she said. 

Junior Rebecca Funk has gone above and signed up for the CNA summer course, HCC Stats, HCC Comp I, HCC Comp II, HCC Oral Comm Online and HCC Spanish II. “I am super excited to take my CNA course this summer because I am interested in the medical field. After I complete this course I will be able to work as a CNA in a nursing home,” Funk said. 

Funk said she is nervous to take the HCC Comp classes because writing is not among her strengths. “I have heard that Comp I is a lot of busy work, and I am taking a full load of classes, so making sure that I get everything done in that class is kinda nerve racking,” Funk said. This school year, Funk has taken HCC Spanish I, and she said she loved it. She said she is most excited for her HCC Spanish class next year. 

The CNA summer course starts on June 2 and provides an experience to students who want to work in the medical field. They will be doing assignments online, learning in a lab and doing clinical skills. Everything practiced goes on to be skills and information needed in order to work as a CNA in various facilities.

Funk said she absolutely encourages others to sign up for Hawkeye classes because the class provides college credit while also getting high school credit. “You end up saving a lot of money because the high school pays for the courses,” she said.


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